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Why Lodestar?

In the end, it's really very simple: we all need a deeper bench.  That's why I founded Lodestar.

-- Dr. Kemia Sarraf

All great coaching begins with the assumption that the client is creative, competent and whole. Trauma-mitigation coaching adds layers of awareness and space around the multivariate pain points experienced by high-achieving professionals working in environments of chronic, caustic stress.

All Lodestar coaching is focused on transformational healing -- the growth that can occur when pain is acknowledged and intentional space is held for aspirational thinking and goals.

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Lodestar clients are as diverse as is the field of coaching. Professionals come seeking to expand leadership skills, cultivate soft skills, or gain insight and experiment with tools to improve efficiency. Many have achieved tremendous professional success and recognize the danger of working in extremely high-stress environments. 

For everyone, the current crisis has increased a desire for meaningful coaching to help navigate unrelenting toxic stress. There's great discrepancy between the demands being made of them and the resources available. They’re disenchanted and disconnected, and recognize it is impacting their professional and personal interactions and can impact their delivery of care and leadership. Many feel harmed, and are seeking tools to reestablish their equilibrium and improve their lives. 

Some days, great coaching looks like a professional ICU...​


Lodestar coaches are willing to hold space and enter into the gray zone of uncertainty with you, willing to stay as complex thoughts, emotions and ideas are named and processed, and willing to hold you accountable in your "crazy" with tremendous humor, compassion and insight.

You are not alone. 


Although coaching is not therapy, our clients find great coaching to be incredibly therapeutic.  


Dr. Kemia Sarraf