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Although Coaching is not therapy, great Coaching can be

incredibly therapeutic

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Our coaching faculty include physicians, clinicians,  attorneys, and industry experts with decades of professional experience.  All are sub-specialty trained to coach high-performing individuals through and beyond the strain of these times.    


The 'Tridemic' of COVID-19, social discord, and isolation of the past several years resulted in chronic exposure to high-dose, toxic stress.  No one escaped unscathed.

​Physicians, CEOs, Team Leaders, Health Care Providers, Educators, First Responders, and Professionals at every level have worked at an unrelenting pace.  The toll is cumulative and compounding. 


Lodestar helps move individuals and organizations beyond these times.  

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Meet Our Team

Lodestar Faculty are experts in moving clients beyond the incredible stress, fatigue, and moral injury of these times. 

We work - in real time and in real ways - to guide individuals and teams in building skill and capacity to diminish the impact of unrelenting pressure and professional burnout.

We are professionals working in these environments, too.  We understand.  And we know the path forward requires something more than standard interventions, beginning with this fundamental truth:

Connection Mitigates Trauma™

Coaching Beyond Crisis

A Note From Dr. K

Across the country and around the world, professionals in every industry are physically, mentally and emotionally wrung out.  No one has escaped the impact of prolonged exposure to Tridemic pain unscathed.  The compounding stress and trauma has overloaded and frayed even the most well-resourced among us, priming us for reactivity. 


This is a moment of tremendous opportunity.


The skills we need to navigate from here are accessible, universally applicable, and represent innovative understanding in how to communicate, coach, and lead beyond these turbulent times. 

Whether you're looking for transformative one-on-one coaching, group coaching as a source for support and inspiration, or broader systemic consulting services to expand your workplace to meet the demands of today's professionals, we have a coach and a program for you.

In the end it's really very simple: we all need a deeper bench.

Dr. Kemia M. Sarraf

CEO and Founder, Dr. K

We operate in-person and remotely around the globe.  

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