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Although Coaching

is not Therapy

Great Coaching can be incredibly Therapeutic

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Physicians, public health officials, attorneys and government officials have endured years of unrelenting toxic stress and uncertainty.  This high dose exposure to stress has overloaded even the most well-resourced professionals, priming our threat detection systems and generating a heightened reactivity to our work environments. 


The resulting anger, disengagement, compassion fatigue, avoidance, and retention challenges are straining once robust and reliable systems.  There is a path to restoration through the creation of trauma-responsive systems and cultures.


Lodestar Faculty are highly skilled physicians, attorneys, psychologists and educators with with decades of professional experience training, consulting and coaching.   Our programs and personal coaching provide immediately actionable skills and tools to lead beyond the toxic stress and trauma of these times.


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Meet Our Team

Lodestar Faculty are experts in moving clients beyond the incredible stress, fatigue, and moral injury of these times.  We are professionals working in these environments, too.  We understand. 


And we know the path forward requires something beyond standard interventions, beginning with this fundamental truth:

Connection Mitigates Trauma


We operate in-person and remotely around the globe.