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Care In the Time of COVID


The Coronavirus pandemic is stirring up feelings and fears in everyone. We wonder: What happens if I'm exposed or get sick? Can I keep my family healthy? Will I be able to pay my bills? Will I have a job when this is over? 


A lot feels out of our control.


This crisis is further amplified for physicians and healthcare providers who are also wondering: Am I safe? Will we have the equipment we need to care for patients? Can we sustain the effort? How long will it last?  The result is ongoing toxic stress and trauma in all sectors of healthcare, education and business. 


We all want to show up as our best selves in times of crisis.

Real-time mitigation and resiliency building is the most effective way to retain calm and focus in times of crisis, and to diminish the long-term consequences of chronic, toxic stress. Feeling heard, understood and connected helps clear mental space to strategize around personal resiliency, and to become trauma-mitigators for others.

Lodestar delivers highly-personalized, confidential, compassionate, trauma-informed strategy sessions that move clients forward in their professional and personal lives. The TIPC™ paradigm has proven particularly effective in times of crisis.


Coaching is not therapy, but great coaching can be incredibly therapeutic.




Please note: Lodestar strategy sessions are entirely confidential. No notes are taken, no records kept unless requested by the client. 

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