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In the end, it's very simple:  We all need a deeper bench. 

Physicians, health officials, attorneys, and leaders in every sector have endured years of unrelenting toxic stress and uncertainty.  High-dose exposure to stress has overloaded even the most well-resourced professionals, heightening reactivity. 

Anger, disengagement from work and colleagues, compassion fatigue, and attrition are straining once robust and reliable systems.


Lodestar restores trust to diminished workplace cultures through intensely experiential training, group coaching, and 1:1 professional development programs.  Our clients include hospital systems, law firms, and government.  We provide immediately actionable skills for professionals to move beyond the toxic stress of these times, beginning with this fundamental truth:  Connection Mitigates Trauma. 

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"Entirely confidential and surprisingly helpful in such a short time"

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There has been profound disruption to the systems, people, and organizations underpinning our lives that are foundational to our communities.  The need for trauma-aware leadership, workplaces and cultures has taken on a new urgency.  

The challenges are significant, and so are the opportunities.  Connect with Lodestar and begin charting a healthier path for your people and your organization, today.   

Meet Our Team

Lodestar Faculty are physicians, attorneys, psychologists and educators with decades of experience  in training, consulting, and coaching. 


We move our clients beyond the incredible stress, fatigue, and moral injury of these times.  We are professionals working in these environments, too.  We understand. 

Wknow the path forward requires something beyond standard interventions, beginning with this fundamental truth: Connection Mitigates Trauma

We operate both in-person and remotely around the globe. 

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