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Reconnect to your Profession.

Years of unrelenting toxic stress have overloaded even the most well-resourced professionals and organizations.  We help you find your balance, restore connection to your clients and your team, and reestablish the type of workplace where we all thrive. 

What We Do

Physicians, health officials, attorneys, and leaders in every sector have endured years of unrelenting toxic stress and uncertainty.  High-dose exposure to stress has overloaded even the most well-resourced professionals, heightening reactivity. 

Anger, disengagement from work and colleagues, compassion fatigue, and attrition are straining once robust and reliable systems.


Lodestar restores trust to diminished workplace cultures through intensely experiential training, group coaching, and 1:1 professional development programs.  Our clients include hospital systems, law firms, and government.  We provide immediately actionable skills for professionals to move beyond the toxic stress of these times, beginning with this fundamental truth:  Connection Mitigates Trauma. 

The Lives We’ve Changed

More than 11,000 clients and attendees have trusted us with their time

Who We Help

Physician + Health Care

You choose us because we are good at helping restore your love of medicine.  Though we do not provide therapy, working with us feels incredibly therapeutic.  You did not go into this profession expecting to feel the way you currently feel, nor to become this burned out.  We know the daily pressure you face.   We, too, joined this profession to be healers.  

Legal Professionals

You choose us because we provide a safe and personalized space for attorneys to regain the focus and passion that brought them to the law originally.  Our profession is more than billable hours and secondary trauma.  We move you through and past your current level of stress and disengagement.   Your connection to your career comes back.


You choose us because the challenges you are facing in a government career have grown exponentially over the past decade.  The increased workload and seeming discord threaten to erode the organizations that once sustained our communities.   Our individualized approach to your Teams and organization help to restore a  career and workplace that you love.

Let's Get You Unstuck

How We Help

There has been profound disruption to the systems, people, and organizations which underpin our lives and communities.  Lodestar exists to address the toxic work habits and environments that lead to burnout amongst your team.  And you. 

The challenges are significant, and so are the opportunities.  We partner with you every step of the way, providing in-house services and external training to supplement your existing roster.

On-Site and Off-Site Training, Facilitation, Events & Partnership

Our Mission

Your purpose. Your career. You once woke up feeling the passion and dedication that propelled you forward.   For so many of us, the compounding stress of the past several years has eroded this feeling.  

Lodestar is comprised of physicians, attorneys, psychologists, and educators — with decades of experience in team restoration, leadership consulting, and coaching. 

Our mission is to move our clients beyond the incredible stress, fatigue, and moral injury of these times.  We are professionals working in these environments, too. We understand. The path forward requires actionable skills and a different paradigm, beginning with this fundamental truth:


Connection Mitigates Trauma.

The Impact We’ve Made

Before They Met Us 

.... another government training.  What box are we checking this time?  I appreciate that someone is spending money on us, which would be stupid.  But I don't have time to spend away, and the work will pile up while I am gone. 

I was "voluntold" to take this 3-day workshop with my team.  Three days with people I don't trust. At least I get a free work trip.

We don't interact at work.  Why bother?   Screen off.  Head down.  Retire In Place. 

Our leadership is the problem.  It's like they are so removed from actual work that they don't even care about the impact on our workload and mental health.  Insane.  

After We Helped Make a Change

100% worth it. Worth the time and  effort.  I've never been in something like this.  It was intense, and I didn't want it to end.  I never had the words for everything I was going through.  It was a shock to learn I was not alone.  This was unexpected and powerful.  

The 3 days in Washington, DC, really bonded us.   Our whole team felt it. We haven't communicated this well in years, and the effect hasn't worn off yet.  

I haven't felt this good in a long time.  It's like some part of me just cracked open again. 

... and our Leadership has been deeply harmed, too.  These past years were terrible, and now I get it - we've all been paying the price.  They cared enough to get us this help, and I'm grateful for that.

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Let's Move Forward Together

Feel fulfilled in your career again. 

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