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Care In the Time of COVID


The pandemic has now stretched into months of uncertainty, pain and loss. Physicians, APPs, and those at every level of administration and leadership are stretched thin both physically and emotionally.


The pain isn't limited to those in healthcare, however:  This has been a time of Acute-On-Chronic toxic stress for all of us, in every industry.


A lot feels out of our control.



We all want to show up as our best selves in times of crisis.

Real-time trauma mitigation and resiliency building is the most effective way to retain calm and focus in times of crisis, and to diminish the long-term health and socio-emotional consequences of chronic, toxic stress.


Feeling heard, understood and connected helps clear mental space to strategize around personal resiliency, and to become trauma-mitigators for others.

Lodestar delivers highly-personalized, confidential, compassionate, trauma-mitigating strategy sessions that move clients forward in their professional and personal lives. 


The TIPC™ paradigm has proven particularly effective in these times of crisis.


Coaching is not therapy,

but great coaching can be incredibly therapeutic.


For more information about how we can support you or your institution through the COVID-19 crisis, please email us today. We will respond within 24 hours. 


This series by Dr. Kemia was born in the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic. Part public health education, part resilience strategizing, and part personal messaging, it's a dose of hope and heart in hard times.

About Lodestar

Even prior to the COVID pandemic, more than 50% of physicians were reporting critical levels of burnout, dissatisfaction, disengagement and a desire to leave the profession. Many physicians blame themselves for their unhappiness, faulting inadequate self-care, poor work-life balance, and professional inefficiency.


In fact, physicians are suffering from symptoms of trauma directly result from decades of working in environments of chronic, caustic stress. That reality is the primary driver of their multivariate pain.

Meanwhile, in attempting to address "burnout" without getting at root causes, healthcare systems have weaponized physician resilience and created another flashpoint. If there were a way through the anger, fear, frustration, exhaustion, disengagement and despair via a moment of "rest and reflection," physicians most certainly would have already done so. 

There is a way forward.


Lodestar provides highly-personalized, wholly confidential, compassionate, trauma-mitigation strategies that helps physicians rediscover their joy and love for the practice of medicine, and restore balance to their lives.






Though Lodestar was started by and for physicians, TIPC™ coaching is ideal for any professional working in an environment of chronic, toxic stress. 

TIPC™  those who want to acquire skills for navigating high-stress conditions with colleagues and subordinates, in clearly defining and creating accountability steps towards achieving goals, and in laying out a path for the next phase of their careers.

Contact us to schedule a free, introductory 30-min. strategy session today. This is a no-obligation, first step in charting your course "true north."


Lodestar coaching is highly confidential, individualized and personalized over time as trust and familiarity is built between coach and client. There are innumerable strategies clients uncover that improve communication and leadership, unlock creativity and potential, increase resiliency capacitance, and mitigate the effects of toxic stress and trauma. 


Physician attrition is extraordinarily costly to health systems: estimated replacement costs range from 800K to 1.2 mil.  Many institutions now recognize the importance of preemptive coaching for their physicians and surgeons, and it is often provided as part of successful employee agreements, allowing for a strong start within the organization. Hospitals and medical groups increasingly engage coaches in lieu of other, less effective remediation options (i.e. anger management groups). 


In addition to individual coaching, Lodestar also offers workshops, retreats and group coaching. Like our individual coaching, these services are highly confidential and are tailored to the needs of the group or institution.​

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