Why Lodestar

In the end, it’s really very simple:  We all need a deeper bench.


That’s why I founded Lodestar.

Burnout, or Secondary Trauma? 

Physicians are smart, tough, durable, resourceful people. If there was a way to MacGyver themselves out of this situation by working harder, smarter, or differently, they would have done it already.

--Talbot & Dean; STAT 7.18


Meet Dr. Sarraf

Everyone is experiencing this pandemic differently, but the baseline emotions are all the same: shock, fear, horror, outrage, disbelief, exhaustion and, ultimately, grief. No one - especially those in the field of medicine - is escaping this unscathed. The pain is universal. We all need some extra tools right now."

--Kemia Sarraf, M.D., M.P.H., RCC, TIPC™

Contact us at 217.691.4441 or kemia@lodestarpc.com