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Coaching is not therapy,

and great coaching can be incredibly therapeutic.

Lodestar's trauma-mitigation coaching paradigm is both aspirational and highly effective for professionals navigating times such as these.


Why Lodestar

In the end, it's really very simple: We all need a deeper bench.

That's why I founded Lodestar.


Burnout, Vicarious Trauma and Moral Injury

Physicians are smart, tough, durable, resourceful people.  If there was a way to MacGyver themselves out of this situation by working harder, smarter, or differently, they would have done it already.

-- Talbot & Dean, STAT 7.18


Meet Dr. Sarraf

"Everyone is experiencing this pandemic differently, but our baseline emotions are the same: shock, fear, resolve, outrage, disbelief, exhaustion and, ultimately, grief.   No one - especially those in the field of medicine - is escaping this unscathed.  The pain is universal, and we all need some extra tools right now."

-- Kemia Sarraf, M.D., M.P.H., RCC, TIPC™

The Lodestar Team

There's just no getting around it: 2020 cracked already overburdened systems.

People across professions were hurting and harmed even prior to the year-that-defied-description; this year has redoubled and amplified the harm.

This is a time of tremendous change AND enormous opportunity.


Whether you are in search of:

  • Coaches with the subspecialty skills to help you best navigate these times, restore your compass, and set and achieve professional and personal goals; 

  • Facilitated coaching group to connect and expand your outlook;

  • Master facilitators with expertise in Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion;

  • Master-Coach training opportunities to expand your own coaching practice;

  • Connection within a group of trauma-sensitive coaching professionals


Lodestar has a place - and a specialist - for you.