Broken Trunk

In the end, it's very simple:  We all need a deeper bench. 

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These have been years of profound upheaval.  Lodestar professionals are here to help you navigate these time of tremendous change and enormous opportunity. 

Trauma-Responsive Leadership Development

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Coaching for Professionals

Lodestar clients are as diverse as the field of coaching.  Professionals come seeking to expand leadership skills, cultivate soft skills, or gain insight and experiment with tools to improve efficiency. Many have achieved tremendous professional success and recognize the danger of working in extremely high-stress environments. 

Clients describe Lodestar coaching as foundational to rediscovering their purpose, recovering their professional and personal joy, and developing skills to facilitate a healthier life.  


Our faculty are experts in moving our clients beyond the incredible stress, burnout, trauma, and moral injury of these times.   We are physicians, clinicians, attorneys and healthcare professionals who studied advanced coaching at various stages in our careers. 


Lodestar coaching: 

- Allows you entry into a community of peers; 

Offers the shortcut of shared background and commonality of experiences;

- Provides stress and trauma mitigation. 

We are professionals, just like you. 

We understand the pressures you face.

And we know that Connection Mitigates Trauma™

Reading a Compass

Trauma Responsive Leadership Development

Executive leaders are facing unprecedented toxic stress and trauma personally, professionally, and within their institutions. Organizationally, the cumulative impact manifests as distrust, breakdown in communication, demoralization, and disconnection, and can ultimately lead to attrition at a time when advanced leadership is most necessary.


A sustainable remedy requires insight, additional skills, and a deliberative process for restoration of individual and collective capacity. The process begins with leaders committed to learning the skills necessary to lead beyond the trauma of these times, and build cultures that are restorative, relational, and strengthen both institutions and individuals.


Lodestar leadership development programs are tailored to organizational needs, are intensive, collaborative, and specifically designed for advanced leadership. Our Senior Faculty are highly trained and experienced:  participants will be expertly engaged in the acquisition of advanced skills in trauma-responsive interactions while simultaneously experiencing real-time stress and trauma mitigation.  This results in unparalleled professional growth and insight, skills in trauma-awareness, and immediately actionable leadership strategies. 


Lodestar faculty are experts in narrative facilitation strategies that model self-regulation, presence-centering, and trauma-responsive engagement.  Lodestar leadership development programs are both powerful and lasting.

Everyone is looking for expanded skills and deeper connection - Lodestar can help. ​


Consulting: Executive & Organizational 

The creation of trauma-aware and trauma-responsive teams, leadership, and workplace cultures has gained new urgency.   The cumulative stress of the past few years has resulted in profound disruption to the institutions and systems underpinning our lives.  Toxic stress in the workplace has become ubiquitous, and many once-vibrant work cultures have eroded beyond recognition.  

Prolong exposure of a workforce to toxic stress leads to: 

- Burnout

- Absenteeism

- Attrition

- Increased workplace incivility

- Early retirements

- Increased discharge of frustration and anger

- Decreased professional fulfillment

- Mass resignations

- Apathy

- Disconnection / Disassociation

- Decreased productivity


Lodestar faculty are experts in narrative facilitation strategies that model self-regulation, presence-centering, and trauma-responsive engagement.  The result is leadership development that is both powerful and lasting.

Everyone is looking for expanded skills and deeper connection - Lodestar can help. ​

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Advanced Coach Training +
Certification in Trauma-Mitigation

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Lodestar offers the only ICF and CME Accredited Trauma-Mitigation Master Class for coaches in the U.S., providing 20 AMA (American Medical Association) PRA Continuing Medical Education Credits, and 13 ICF Core Credits and 8 ICF Resource hours.

Our course provides intensive training in a small group setting, designed for seasoned professionals who recognize the challenges and opportunities of coaching through these times. 

TMMC™ trainings are intimate (max 12 participants), live, and co-facilitated by Lodestar senior faculty. This is a rich, meaningful, and deeply experiential coach training opportunity.

Lodestar's Trauma-Mitigation Master Coaching Course:​​

- 20 hours of direct, live instruction

- ICF Accredited: 13 Core Competency and 8 Resource Development hours

- CME Accredited: 20 AMA PRA Category 1 CME

- 8 highly interactive modules

- Two Lodestar senior faculty facilitators

- Maximum 12 participants

- Intimate, co-created, structured-emergence learning 

- One year free access to Lodestar's Connected Coaches Network & Library

- Lodestar BRAVE™ coaching model 

- Lodestar Reaction-to-Response: R2R™

- Lodestar Emotions Inquiry©

- Lodestar Resiliency Reservoir Toolkit©

- Lodestar participant guidebook©

TIPC™ Certification 

Upon successful completion of Lodestar's Trauma-Mitigation Master Class, participants may: 

- Sit for the TIPC oral board exam and certification

- Become a Lodestar Certified Trauma-Informed Professional Coach

- Upon certification, use the TIPC designator as a Subspecialty Coach designation

- Upon certification, use Lodestar branded coaching tools

- Participate in the private Lodestar Connected Coaches Network

- Utilize the Trauma Informed Professional Coach certification and logo  

- Become eligible for inclusion as a Lodestar Affiliate Coach

- Become eligible for inclusion in Lodestar Trauma Mitigation Master Class Facilitator training

Coaching is not therapy, but Great Coaching can be

incredibly therapeutic.