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Critical Incident Response

We cannot predict when hell will visit, only that it will.  And when it does, you better have a deep bench.  

What We Do

We hope you never need to activate a Critical Incident Response Management protocol.  And if you do, our team can help you navigate through.  The proof is in the collective experience of our staff.

Some events cause emotional or psychological upheaval far outside of the day-to-day experience of your organization.  These events tend to be unexpected and volatile, and with a complexity that tends to overwhelm existing infrastructure. 


We assist with:

- Serious DEI events or hate crimes

- Death or unplanned departure 

- Coaching and communication after of a large-scale event

- Emotionally charged investigations

Lodestar Provides: ​

- DEI Restorative Engagement

- Stress Management and restorative engagement

- Liaison with HR / Legal Department

- Thought Partnership on Communication Plans

- Coaching through residual workplace trauma

Engagement Model





  • ​Suitable for organizations that tend to experience multiple points of friction throughout the year or who require assistance in restructuring an internal process.

  • Allows for 'on-call' activation


  • Best for one-off incidents that cannot be managed in-house

  • Organization does not tend to have staff (or is understaffed) who specifically manage and navigate these issues

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