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Critical Incident Response

What We Do

Some events cause emotional or psychological upheaval far outside of the day-to-day experience of your organization. These events tend to be unexpected and volatile, and with a complexity that tends to overwhelm existing infrastructure. 


We hope you never face this type of situation, and if you do, our team can help you navigate and repair. 

Example Issues We Have Addressed:

The range of critical incidents and significant events that can occur in a workplace is innumerable, and not all of them are immediately noticeable or even identifiable as likely to cause a relational break in your team or organization. Examples include:       

- Serious hate crimes

- Death or unplanned departure 

- Coaching and communication after a large-scale event

- Emotionally charged investigations

- Broken trust amongst colleagues 

Lodestar Provides: ​

  • DEI Restorative Engagement

  • Stress Management and restorative engagement

  • Liaison with HR / Legal Department

  • Thought Partnership on Communication Plans

  • 1:1 Coaching through residual workplace toxic stress

  • Team Coaching and Lodestar Restorative Engagement

We cannot predict when hell will visit, only that it will
And when it does -
You better have a deep bench.  

Brave Trauma Responsive

Engagement Model




Annual Subscription

​Suitable for organizations that tend to experience multiple points of friction throughout the year or who require assistance in restructuring an internal process.

  • Allows for 'on-call' activation

By Incident Engagement

Best for one-off incidents that cannot be managed in-house.  These Organizations tend to not have staff (or is understaffed) that specifically manage and navigate these issues

All Of Us For Leaders

Harmed Teams Become Harmful Teams

We work with teams leadership and program teams that are harmed (and frequently harmful) with the aim of resetting and restoring workplace culture, calm, and increase the trust in your teams.   

We custom design this program for each client, providing a very high level of support, attention, and care to our clients most in need of this strong scaffolding. Though we frequently conduct this work entirely remotely and online, we often choose to bring teams together in-person sessions as well.  


This work is ideal for teams which:

  • Exhibit high levels of mistrust, frustration or appeared stymied.

  • Are so new to each other (particularly after a reorganization) that personnel may be struggling to find cohesion.

We invite you to reach out to discuss if we can provide help.  

Virtual Team Meeting
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