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Critical Incident Response

We cannot predict when hell will visit, only that it will.  And when it does, you better have a deep bench.  

What We Do

We hope you never need to activate a Critical Incident Response Management protocol.  And if you do, our team can help you navigate through.  

Some events cause emotional or psychological upheaval far outside of the day-to-day experience of your organization.  These events tend to be unexpected and volatile, and with a complexity that tends to overwhelm existing infrastructure. 


We assist with:

- Serious DEI events or hate crimes

- Death or unplanned departure 

- Aftermath of a large-scale violent event

- Emotionally charged investigations

Lodestar Provides: ​

- DEI Restorative Engagement

- Stress Management and restorative engagement

- Liaison with HR / Legal Department

- Thought Partnership on Communication Plans

- Coaching through residual workplace trauma

Engagement Model





  • ​Suitable for organizations that tend to experience multiple points of friction throughout the year.

  • Allows for 'on-call' activation


  • Best for one-off incidents that cannot be managed in-house

  • Event involves individuals who would otherwise normally be tasked with response. 

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