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The Modern Leadership Paradigm

Despite years of training and dedication to their mission and teams, few leaders ever feel adequately scaffolded, supported or even aware of how  to start addressing and reversing the past several years of cumulative and compounding toxic stress. Lodestar Helps.

Brave Trauma Responsive

BRAVE Trauma-Responsive Leadership™

After the past several years of compounding events, even incredibly well-resourced organizations have found themselves struggling - failing on prime indicators of employee satisfaction and engagement. Data from our clients (borne out in national polls) indicate high levels of leadership distress, dissatisfaction, burnout, and moral injury - all of which are still rising even post pandemic.  




The previous knowledge and training under which Leaders have been operating - and our knowledge of resiliency - are no longer sufficient. What we once knew to be true about leading our teams and our people (i.e. the leadership lens we have collectively and successfully held for decades) no longer encompasses the full story.  


A refined leadership paradigm is now required.  And we all need a deeper bench.

All Of Us For Leaders

This version of our All Of Us programming is for  Supervisors and Managers only. This program is incredibly well-reviewed by our clients, and allows organizations to capture all levels of managers at an affordable price point, bringing your entire organization along the path towards a restored workplace simultaneously.   

Many clients have used this program as part of their onboarding for new managers.  

Courses are taught by a wide range of experts and backgrounds, allowing for maximum flexibility in course-specific modules and instructor choice.  


Virtual Team Meeting
Time On The River
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Time On The River™

Part of our year-long leadership program, Time On The River™ continues the work and skills explored in our BRAVE Trauma-Responsive Leadership programs and workshops. This is deeply personal work, and we stay with you to provide scaffolding and support for the entire year of your path with us.


Lodestar's Restorative Engagement
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Lodestar's Restorative Engagement™ 

We work with teams leadership and program teams that are harmed (and frequently harmful) with the aim of resetting and restoring workplace culture, calm, and  trust.   

We custom design this program for each client, providing a very high level of support, attention, and care to our clients most in need of this strong scaffolding. Though we frequently conduct this work entirely remotely and online, we often choose to bring teams together in-person sessions as well.  


This work is ideal for teams which:

  • Exhibit high levels of mistrust, frustration or appeared stymied.

  • Are so new to each other (particularly after a reorganization) that personnel may be struggling to find cohesion.

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