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Whenever possible, all sessions should be conducted in person, although telephone and video-conference are available. Sessions include creating an individualized plan of action, weekly goal setting, and mutually agreed-upon accountability for between-session check-ins.

Each package begins with a 70 minute intake and evaluation. 


3 Month


- Eight 55-minute sessions

- One 75 minute intake

- Weekly checkin via email/text (as arranged)

Add Ons:

- DiSC Personality Testing + 30 minute analysis

- ACT Time Mastery Profile + 30 minute analysis


4 Month


- Twelve 55-minute sessions

- One 75 minute intake

- DiSC Personality Testing + 30 minute analysis

- Weekly checkin via email/text (as arranged)

Add Ons:

- ACT Time Mastery Profile + 30 minute analysis


6 Month


- Sixteen 55-minute sessions

- One 75 minute intake

- DiSC Personality Testing

- ACT Time Mastery Profile

- Weekly checkin via email/text (as arranged)


Marathon Coaching

Marathon coaching is the most efficient way to assist physicians and professionals with acute needs, make necessary modifications. This path is ideal for high value clients who cannot attend weekly coaching sessions, but who want or need to gain skills and make adjustments, quickly.

Marathon coaching is intensive, 1:1 work done in 3-4 hour blocks of time over consecutive days. 

In general, these clients:


  • Are at a tipping point professionally or personally

  • Recognize they are suffering significant symptoms of burnout, including compassion fatigue and professional detachment

  • May be experiencing difficulties with peers, staff, superiors, or medical boards

  • May be struggling with soft skills such as empathy, effective communication and interpersonal relationships

  • May be looking to boost their emotional intelligence and enhance communication skills with patients, colleagues and staff.

  • Are seeking assistance in working through urgent issues


Immersive TIPC®

Professionals at critical junctures in their careers often find intensive, deliberate, communication-intensive, trauma informed coaching to be foundational in rediscovering their purpose, recovering their professional and personal standing, and developing skills to facilitate a healthier workplace, professional and personal relationships. Utilizing a hybrid of experiential, academic and evidence-based processes and interventions, this coaching pathway is contemplative and grounded in client’s personal needs, generating lifelong paradigm shifts needed to reset, restructure and move from a survival to a growth mindset.


Most clients self-refer for immersive coaching, however employers have recognized a need for intervention with high value physicians and surgeons who are struggling.  The loss of such individuals is costly to the organization – replacing a hospitalist is estimated at roughly $800K, and replacing a surgeon generally tops one million dollars (more when litigation is included).

Immersive TIPC can become a part of a written remediation plan, or may simply be recommended for those experiencing high levels of toxic stress or secondary trauma.  Tremendous care is taken in these situations to innumerate guidelines for privacy between the employer and employee in order to maintain the sanctity of the coaching relationship.

Immersive TIPC Pathway

6 month minimum commitment

- 90 minute intake and evaluation session

- Two sessions each in weeks one and two, each session lasting multiple hours in the first two weeks

- Sixteen additional 60-minute sessions (minimum) in person or by video conference

- Creation of an individualized six month plan of action with weekly goal setting

- Mutually agreed-upon accountability for between-session check-ins, daily and/or weekly as needed

- DiSC Personality Testing + 45 minute analysis

- ACT Time Mastery Profile + 45 minute analysis 






Trauma Informed Trainings specifically tailored for:

  • Physicians and health professionals

  • Educators 

  • Social workers 

  • School counselors

  • Law enforcement 


These trainings are intensive, one or two or three-day courses which include:

  • Introduction to ACEs and Trauma

  • Secondary Trauma

  • How to recognize the presence of secondary trauma in co-workers

  • Trauma-informed responses

  • Examination of intergenerational “inherited” trauma

  • The intersection between social media, the 24-hour news cycle and retraumatization of vulnerable populations


Add-On Sessions:

Add-on sessions for existing clients are available on an as-needed basis. These are highly useful for:

  • specific project deadlines

  • upcoming negotiations

  • speech or lecture preparation 

  • meeting preparation 

  • other situations that requires intensive or creative preparation


Call for availability.


Trauma Informed Trainings & Consultations for First Responders