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Leadership Development
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Leadership Development

The cumulative  toll of recent years has profoundly disrupted the institutions that underpin our lives, eroding many once-vibrant workplaces beyond recognition.   Most leaders now find themselves struggling to fully engage their teams, and with increasingly herculean tasks of balancing compassion and mission. 


Leadership now looks different.  Our prior understanding resilience and leadership no longer encompass the complete picture - and we now need an expanded paradigm to thrive and lead through these times.  

Explore our Advanced Leadership Programs which last from a few days to more than a year.    

Culture Realignment Workplace

Culture Realignment + Workplace Training

Much like individuals, organizations also experience the effects of toxic stress and trauma. The compounding impact of too much toxic stress from events that come at us too fast invariably strain both your workforce and the fabric of your teams and organization.  Both "culture drift" and "mission creep" are very real - pulling entire workforces away from  mission, vision and values.  

Explore options to realign your team and create an environment where employees want to work. 

Lodestar conducts on-site and online training that is priced for everyone, that provides immediate and actionable results.  

Explore Our Bespoke Programming :

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Executive Coaching
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Image by airfocus

Executive Coaching

Professionals are often reluctant to seek help. 


Decades of schooling and pursuit of career often result in prioritizing The Work above all else, disregarding the personal toll and harm to (and from) our careers and places of work.  


The past several years of social, cultural, and economic upheaval have only compounded these tendencies.  And burnout, toxic stress, and harm are nearly ubiquitous in every profession. 

Coaching helps.  Particularly when you start by coaching with world-class professionals who are in your field and deeply understand your lived experience. 

Coaching is not therapy, and yet the end result can feel incredibly therapeutic. 

Certification and Coaching Cert

Decades of research,  curriculum development and original scholarship underpin Lodestar's certification and training courses - which is why we have been the gold standard in the professional coaching world for the past decade. 

Our most frequent attendees are professionals who are expanding their skill base or starting a second career.  We invite you to find your community with us.  


Explore our Certification Programs

  • Trauma Mitigation Master Class for Coaches™

  • TIPC™ and TICC™ Certifications

  • ACC-ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Coaching Certification (TICC™)   

  • Diversity Certificate Accreditation

  • HR for HR (TMMC for HR Professionals)™

  • TMMC for Physicians & Providers™

  • TMMC for Attorneys™

  • TMMC for Equity & Belonging ™

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Critical Incident Response + Team Restoration
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Critical Incident Response

Team Restoration Work

Some events cause emotional or psychological upheaval far outside of the day-to-day experience of your organization.

- On Demand: Reach out to Lodestar's ability to serve as fast-acting subject matter experts in mitigating singular traumatic events that are unlikely to occur again.
- On Retainer: When your team is struggling with the large capacity necessary to deal with repeated traumatic issues, reach out to Lodestar to build the strategies and personnel requisite to support a deeper bench. 
- Lodestar's Restorative Engagement™: use Lodestar's facility with post-traumatic restorative practices to repair and prevent acute and continued harm, especially in the wake of a large-scale traumatic event. 

Help That Actually Helps

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