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Lodestar's coaches and coaching methodologies are designed specifically for professionals in very high-stress occupations. The unrelenting health and societal crisis of 2020 is impacting everyone, regardless of profession. Preventing the embodiment of trauma can help mitigate long term effects and accelerate movement into post-traumatic growth and healing centered engagement. 

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Group Coaching

Lodestar's expertly facilitated, trauma-informed coaching groups are comprised of own-occupation professionals in healthcare and education. This style of group coaching is particularly useful for trauma-mitigation, resiliency building, establishing camaraderie, and encouraging joyous and playful interactions. 

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Advanced Coach Training

Lodestar's trademarked Trauma Mitigation Master Classes are for experienced, professional coaches who understand the benefit in gaining trauma-informed training and skills. Lodestar's trauma-informed and trauma-mitigation coaching methodologies and tools allow coaches to confidently help clients move through times of crisis. 

Diverse Group Cheering

Justice, Equity,

Diversity & Inclusion

Lodestar JEDI facilitation begins with the mindful creation of a trauma-informed framework. This fosters safety and allows greater space to build 

communication, leadership, and polarities skills. Our processes actively bridge and deliberately incorporate divergent lived experiences into an inclusive, empowering and successful work environment.

Trauma-Informed Training

Half-day, full-day and multi-day trainings in trauma, trauma-awareness, and trauma-informed practices and principles are available and will be tailored to the specific needs of the client.