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"All Of Us" Building Trauma Responsive Cultures 
Live, Online Training  / 12 Hours  / Deeply Experiential 

This is a professional development program designed to build a common language, shared values, and skills for recognizing and navigating the impact of toxic stress and trauma in the workplace. All Of Us will impart basic knowledge and understanding regarding the penetrance and impact of trauma in populations, develop awareness and emerging skills in trauma-responsive engagement, and build restorative connections to reinforce both individual and collective capacity.


The program is intended for personnel below senior leadership levels; those often tasked with the execution of strategic plans without organizational decision-making authority.

We engage in deeply experiential and transformational work with our government and corporate clients.  We too, are professionals.  Wherever your organization currently is, we've been there - and we can help.

Why This Training?

Lodestar offers the only live-taught online programming to address the organizational and workplace consequences of unmitigated toxic stress. Based on decades-long practice and experience, this program facilitates and supports changes in workplace and organizational culture and is an integral part of a suite of programs including Trauma-Responsive Leadership Development and Trauma Mitigation Coaching.

Additional Details:

  • Courses run with a 10:1 student to faculty ratio

  • Live instruction online via zoom

  • 12 total hours over 3 weeks

  • 6 Highly Interactive Modules

  • Maximum 10 participants

  • Taught by our Senior Faculty (Doctors, PhD's, Attorneys, Clinicians + Nurses and leaders in Academia) 

  • Contact us for details regarding pricing.  

Need more information or want to schedule a private course for your team?  

Our Clients

Business Meeting

Corporate Leadership + Executives

Performing Surgery

Physicians + Hospital Leadership


Attorneys + Law Firm Management

Government Building

State + Federal Government

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