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Trauma Informed Professional Coach Certification (TIPC)


Join one of the longest-running Trauma Informed Coaching Programs in the world.  After you have successfully completed the Trauma-Mitigation Master Class, you may choose to sit for TIPC certification as a Trauma Informed Professional Coach.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Demonstrated mastery of the advanced trauma informed BRAVE Coaching Model.

  • The use of the TIPC  Subspecialty Coach designation and branding, setting you apart from other coaches with a mark of distinction.

  • Inclusion in our esteemed Lodestar network, offering exclusive client referrals and contract work opportunities.

  • Accreditation to be considered for future work with Lodestar. 

  • Access our affiliate coaching practice, expanding your professional reach and collaborations with like-minded coaches.


Certification Process

Upon successful completion of the Trauma-Mitigation Master Class, you are now eligible to sit for a 90-minute oral exam and may select either Dr. Ann V. Deaton or Dr. Kemia M Sarraf. This exam process is designed to demonstrate your mastery of the BRAVE Coaching Model. Preparation materials provided upon registration.

Pricing and Payment Details

Elevate your career with our competitively priced TIPC Certification program. TIPC Certification Fee: $1,295

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