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Responsive Leadership

Time On The River

Part of our year-long leadership program, Time On The River™ continues the work and skills explored in our BRAVE Trauma-Responsive Leadership™ programs and workshops.  This is deeply personal work, and we stay with you to provide scaffolding and support for the entire year of your path with us.

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The Path

We provide 2 hour micro-workshops for ongoing professional development each month for our clients who have joined us for BRAVE Leadership training or similar work.  

Time On The River provides ongoing focus on what we provide A non-sequential series of Faculty facilitated groups with discussions centered on four themes.  Participants will be invited to self-select the group most in service to their growth or ongoing challenges.  


Themes include:

  • Restorative practices:  Struggling with toxic stress and work and need some tools?

  • Getting unstuck:  Not sure where to start, feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, or experiencing repeated dynamics that don’t change?

  • Navigating intersections:  Experiencing or witnessing challenges with fostering a truly cohesive and inclusive workforce?  

  • Challenging conversations:  Providing feedback is challenging.  Moving teams through change is hard.  How can we lean into discomfort and growth for ourselves and our colleagues?

Sunset Kayak

We design the program to meet the needs of our client, and typically: 

  • 12 months of live and online continued development, coaching and facilitation.   Join all 12 or only the ones that meet your schedule.

  • Taught by and Facilitated by Lodestar Senior Faculty

  • 2 Hour mini-workshop discussions and structured didactic.

  • Offered as Continuous Learning and Leadership for participants of BRAVE Leadership or by invitation for in-person workshop participants.

  • Suitable for managers and leadership.  

This is deeply transformative and personal work - you are not left to move through this alone.  We provide support, coaching, scaffolding every step of the way for months, helping to cement the learning and solidify the leadership path.

Program Basics


The end result?

  • Leadership Teams that are reconnected to each other

  • Shared language and understanding to reset culture

  • Practical techniques to weave into daily leadership challenges 

  • Solid and accessible learning that is ingrained in leaders and teams

  • Leadership buy-in to support this work across the organization

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