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Trauma-Responsive Programs for
Attorneys + Law Firms

Restoration for more than your clients. 

Over 75% of surveyed attorneys have expressed elevated levels of toxic stress and feelings of burnout in their careers - wanting to leave either their employer or the practice of law entirely.  Almost half intend to do so the next within four years. 

The legal profession has always been intense - it's part of the job. And guiding clients who are often deeply harmed through an oftentimes deeply harmful system takes a toll on even the most hardened and dedicated professionals. The compounding and cumulative nature of the work in the past few years have tipped so many of us past what is manageable, showing up as mental exhaustion, impatience, apathy, and client disengagement.   


The result? Harm not just to the individual attorneys in the form of burnout and moral injury, but an erosion in the stability of our legal system.   

Male lawyer working with contract papers and wooden gavel on tabel in courtroom. justice a

Attorney Wellness + Resilience

Efforts focused on "Attorney Well-Being" and "Attorney Resilience" are both crucially needed but routinely inadequate. And yet, professionals are often reluctant to seek help due to perceived stigma, a mentality of "work harder and compartmentalize."

Noticing the toxic stress, harm or trauma is a crucial component of learning trauma-responsive mitigation skills for individual attorneys and their broader practice groups. 

Restorative engagement for professionals are among Lodestar's most frequently requested services. None of us are alone in needing some external scaffolding.  

Reach out to explore what we can do for you as an individual lawyer, or for your broader team.  We are surprisingly helpful in a short period of time.

Exposure to Toxic Stress as Lawyers:
A Timely Intervention for the Legal Profession

For so many in the legal profession, the workload has become increasingly fraught.  Lawyers are particularly affected, exposed to unrelentingly high doses of secondary and vicarious trauma, compounded by moral injury from bearing witness to harm while being under-resourced to help.  


How does this manifest in your career? 

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Disengagement from clients

  • Mistrust

  • Teams becoming increasingly harmed (and harmful

  • Burnout | Exhaustion | Apathy

  • Uncharacteristically aggressive behavior

  • Increased drive for numbing and avoidant behavior

Burnout syndrome at work concept. Low energy battery. Emotional, physical, and mental exha

Help that Actually 

Help That Actually Helps

We bring our Senior Faculty to this work.  Physicians, psychologists, attorneys - deeply attuned professionals with decades of experience at helping restore and reengage professionals. From 1:1 coaching to whole-firm toxic stress and trauma mitigation, we help in very real ways.   

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