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Professional Coaching 

Great Coaching can provide a powerful boost to your professional career, impacting every aspect of your  life.  This is not therapy, and yet can feel incredibly therapeutic. 

Jump to our In-House Corporate Coaching Programs to learn about 

  • Advanced Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification (TICC)™

  • Trauma Informed Coaching Basics (TICB)™

Coaching For Healthcare

The news is full of stories of physician and nurse burnout - from feeling increasingly demoralized to disengagement from patients.  That same feeling holds true across the broader medical community, including education,  public health, and hospital management

We offer space for you to begin to unpack the past few years. 

Coaching for Attorneys

Years of guiding your deeply harmed clients through an oftentimes harmful system takes a toll on even the most hardened and dedicated professionals.  And it shows up as mental exhaustion, impatience, apathy, and even client disengagement.  

Surprisingly helpful in a short period of time. 

In-House Coaching Services

We train or supplement your existing in-house coaches, providing holistic coaching programs, removing the financial and time burden involved in creating your own coach program.  We offer:

  • 1:1 Coaching for Individuals

  • Team Coaching to restore trust and to harmed (and harmful) teams

  • Coaching Basics

  • Advanced Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification (TICC)™

  • Trauma Informed Coaching Basics (TICB)™

  • Expert Navigation through The 5Ns™

The credentials of our coaches are unmatched, as is our client satisfaction.

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