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Physician + Health Care

Working in a high-pressure environment has always been part of the job, and yet the toll of the past several years has overwhelmed even the most dedicated professionals.


We are committed to helping you rediscover your purpose in healthcare. 


The Silent Crisis in Our Workplaces

Healing Ourselves


  • 47% of public health workers show at least one symptom of PTSD

  • 25% want to leave their jobs within a year, nearly half within 4 years

  • Over 80% of nurses are actively looking to leave the nursing profession


These statistics highlight the urgent need for action.  From one-on-one coaching, to holistic and systemic programs for entire teams and systems - we help.  Let us help navigate the path back to the professional you would choose to be. 

How We Help

We offer a safe haven for those in Healthcare to spend time focusing on themselves - providing a genuine opportunity to understand and process their experience over the past several years.


From providing 1:1 Coaching to helping restore entire medical communities (which now feel both deeply harmed and increasingly harmful) - we can help.  

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