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Organizational Cultural Change

The cumulative stress and trauma of recent years has profoundly disrupted the institutions that underpin our lives, and has eroded many once-vibrant workplaces beyond recognition. 


We provide support for all levels of an organizations - focused on rebuilding and restoring the type of environment where we would all want to work.  With you.  Every step of the way. 

Unparalleled Transformation

BRAVE Trauma Responsive Leadership:  We spend weeks tailoring our programming to your organization, deliberately building collaboration to reset and restore.    

  • BRAVE Advanced Professional Development for managers, supervisors, and Executive level leadership

  • Team Restoration Coaching for harmed (and harmful) teams

  • 'All Of Us' programs, live-taught online and priced to reach everyone in your organization 

Symptoms of Organizational Trauma

You know how that looks and feels:  


  • Once-functioning teams exhibit tremendous mistrust

  • Communication breakdown

  • Demoralization 

  • Disengagement

  • Increased incivility 

  • Absenteeism

  • Burnout

  • Decreased productivity

  • New employees join profoundly disrupted cultures

  • Attrition and early retirement

How We Help

We know the way out.  For many of our clients, this is the first time in years that they've felt health and hope in the workplace.

  • Address toxic work habits and styles that lead to burnout

  • Acquisition of and modeling trauma-responsive skills

  • Real-time stress and trauma mitigation 

  • Restoration of balance and harmony in the workplace

  • Senior Faculty renowned for their experience in the field

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