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Advanced Training:
Trauma Responsive Certification

 Our Trauma Mitigation Master Class is the first in the nation, and is accredited by both the ICF and AMA for Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) and Continuing Medical Education (CME). Our TMMC™ programs are designed for experienced coaches and non-coach leaders who want to develop a trauma-informed lens in their work. Complete your certification with the original Trauma Informed Professional Coach (TIPC)™ Certification and join us as a Trauma Informed Certified Coach (TICC)™ Consultant.

Professionals, Leaders, and Coaches increasingly find themselves holding space for the emotional toll that unrelenting toxic stress has taken on their clients and organizations. We offer one of the oldest trauma-informed professional programs. Our experience matters, our credentials and background set us apart.

We set the bar high for practice-enhancing and deeply meaningful growth as a professional.

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