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Attorneys + Law Firms

Over 75% of surveyed attorneys have expressed experiencing burnout - wanting to leave either their employer or the practice of law entirely.  Almost half intend to do so the next within four years. 


Surprising?  Not really.  

Addressing Toxic Exposure at Work: 
A Timely Intervention for the Legal Profession

For so many in the legal profession, the workload has become increasingly fraught.  Government attorneys have been particularly hard-hit, exposed to unrelentingly high doses of secondary and vicarious trauma, compounded by moral injury from bearing witness to harm while being under-resourced to help.  We all know what it looks like:   

  • Demoralization

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Disengagement from clients

  • Teams operating under tremendous mistrust 

  • Burnout | Exhaustion

  • Uncharacteristically aggressive behavior

  • Attrition

Restoration for more than your clients. 

Law firms have always been intense.  And yet the past few years have tipped so many of us past what is manageable.  The chronicity of toxic stress is causing harm to both lawyers and to our legal systems. 

Attorney Well-Being.   At best, efforts aimed at attorney wellness land as well-intentioned attempts to help attorneys find their way towards balance.  When these efforts are done without the right scaffolding,  your own resilience is being weaponized against you.

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