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Ann V. Deaton

Director, Faculty Development


Executive Coach & Senior Faculty

Clients that are prepaid or group contract (password required):

New Clients and non-prepaid Clients

Ann brings a two-decade career as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Division Director to professional coaching. Celebrated author, Master Trainer, Executive Coach and Certified Team Performance coach; Ann co-created the Trauma-Informed Professional Coaching curriculum for health care leaders, and the Trauma Mitigation Master Class for professional coaches.

Ann earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with specializations in neuropsychology and health psychology, from The University of Texas. She had a two-decade career in health care as a clinical neuropsychologist and division leader. When her hospital experienced a merger, Ann realized she had a lot to learn about how to effectively lead through change. She chose to pursue her leadership coaching certification from the Newfield Network in 2003 and subsequently earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation to support individuals and teams in transforming themselves.

Ann founded DaVinci Resources coaching business in 2003, and co-founded The Bounce Collective coaching and consulting business in 2009. She joined Lodestar in 2018 to focus on strengthening and transforming our health care leaders and systems.

Ann is a graduate of the 2-year Mastery in Polarities program through Polarity Partnerships, and supports individuals and teams in navigating paradox and finding the both/and in leveraging their diverse perspectives and experiences. Ann is a Certified Team Performance Coach. She has authored two books on team coaching and leadership development—Being Coached: Leadership and Team Coaching from the Inside, and VUCA Tools for a VUCA World.

Along with Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH, and Antoinette Dubois-Ayers, CPCC, RCC, she is co-creator of the Trauma-Informed Professional Coaching curriculum for health care leaders and other professionals, and Trauma Mitigation Master Class for experienced coaches.

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