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Trauma-Informed Training

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-- Nelson Mandela


Trauma-Informed practices and principles have been taught and successfully implemented in leading-edge educational and healthcare institutions for more than a decade.

No one escaped the 2020-21 Tridemic unscathed. Both the "Big T" Traumas and cumulative, compounding effects of "little t" traumas have taken an immeasurable toll on individuals, systems, and organizations. The need to build trauma-aware and trauma-responsive teams, leadership, workplaces and cultures has taken on a new urgency. 


Without the benefit of a trauma-sensitive lens, miscommunication, misunderstandings and missed opportunities will increase exponentially. ​The impact on the level of trust and collaboration is both costly and profound

Lodestar Trauma-Informed trainings are tailored to the needs of the organization. Topics typically covered include:​

  • Introduction to ACEs and Trauma

  • Trauma awareness and the Trauma-Informed approach

  • Secondary and Vicarious Trauma

  • Trauma-Responsive interactions, communication and institutions

  • Recognition of the multivariate presentations of trauma

  • Examination of intergenerational and inherited trauma

  • The intersection between social media, the 24-hour news cycle and retraumatization of vulnerable populations

  • Lodestar Resiliency-Rivers training & tools: sustainable resilience in the face of the ongoing Weaponization of Resilience​

  • Skills-building in compassionate, trauma-responsive communication and leadership

Contact us to discuss the opportunities that exist for your institution.

I attended both the Lodestar Trauma-Informed Training Intensive (3-day retreat) and the Lodestar Trauma-Mitigation Master Class for Coaches; both were transformative experiences. As a coach and coach-trainer, I gained crucial insight and deep understanding of trauma and the many ways it presents. Participants learned, practiced and refined the coaching skills necessary to hold space for strong emotions when they show up in clients. These courses will expand comfort, capacity and scope of practice for any experienced coach.  I highly recommend Lodestar courses for coaches, coach trainers and educators.  

Joanna Molyn, Ph.D

Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University