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Allison Moss

Administrative Assistant


Support Staff, Executive Office

Clients that are prepaid or group contract (password required):

Admin Support

Allison works directly with the Senior Administrator + Special Projects to help streamline processes within Lodestar's operations team.

Allison boasts an extensive career spanning over two decades in the areas of administrative and project management. She has provided unwavering support to numerous C-suite executives and orchestrated seamless operations for project management teams. Recently, Allison obtained her PMP Certification, further enhancing her already impressive skill set within the administrative domain.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Allison finds immense joy in time spent with her family - her husband, Jason, and their trio of daughters: Amelia, Olivia, and Victoria. Whether it's creating unforgettable memories during family beach vacations or simply quality time at the park, she treasures every opportunity to spend time together.

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