• Dr. Kemia

Spiritual Resilience

Dear Everyone: First off, it's Friday. Yes, I double-checked. Secondly, just a reminder that now is the perfect time to change into day-pajamas. Or, if you're like me, your day pajama bottoms ('cause, you know, zoom meetings and you gotta be right up top). This morning's post is going to be short because I spent the bulk of my time since rising at 4:30 in my spiritual discipline. Which brings me to immediately to The Point: Spiritual Resilience is Important. This phrase conjures up all kinds of feelings, depending on your relationship and experiences with all the things we call "Spiritual." For some, that means religion. For others, G-d (and I use that term here in the broadest sense, knowing there are multivariate concepts in the human world). I'm not going to dive into my beliefs (which are, frankly, ever growing and evolving, anyway) and will instead just focus on the importance of practice and discipline. Experientially, in times of high stress or trauma, my spiritual resiliency practices are the first casualties. In fact, I often forget that those daily habits were even an important piece of my #ResiliencyCapacitance in the first place. The truth: Spiritual practice is critical to my body, soul and mind. When I remember to be disciplined in this part of my resiliency work, I'm rewarded with daily, renewed awe and wonder at the immensity of it all - of this beautiful world and her people, and for this universe we inhabit. That awe opens up space for joy and gratitude. It makes space in my soul for others. It restores something resembling internal balance. May this Friday be filled with a little grace (both extended and received) and awe for each of us. May you be deliberative about making space, and allow your spiritual self to be tended. I will tend to my garden for 30 minutes today. That is both a small-attainable-goal, and spiritual practice. Feel free to share yours in the comments, if you wish. ______ I'll update on #Covid19 at some point before Monday, but in the absence of pressing, new developments overnight I'll just let yesterday's "tough-love" post hang out there to remind us all to keep doing everything we can to take care of ourselves and each other. –––––– More soon, my friends. Keep being brave and gracious and kind, always. socially-distant xx K #Resilience #FlattenTheCurve #Suppression #CareinthetimeofCovid #PatrioticIntroversion #America #WeCanFixAnythingButDead #ResiliencyCapacitance


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