• Dr. Kemia

Letting Go

Updated: Apr 15


Dear Everyone:

It was a long week all day today.

Is it Friday, yet? Does Friday even mean anything, anymore?

For the record, my kids are feral and I'm not sure I'll ever get Joshie into pants again. It's lambing season and, in addition to work, I am dashing out into the mud (is it time, yet, for building an ark? Anyone on Locust watch?) to check on the Bigs in their "it's not dead until it's warm and dead" watch over a newborn (spoiler alert -- it wasn't dead and is now happily and warmly nursing with mama). The Littles keep trying to read to me during homeschool hours and oh-my-gosh I wish they wouldn't do that until they're good at it. In the middle of a webinar I was co-hosting, one of my small people ran through the background, completely naked. "Mom/honey, where is the" has become my new trigger phrase. The phone didn't stop ringing, the email dinging and the refrigerator door pinging because SMALL PEOPLE KEPT LEAVING IT OPEN.

I totally forgot to hydrate.

All day I've been trying to steal 30 minutes to sit down and write a lovely, meaningful 2/2 post on mental resiliency strategies but you know what? This is it. This is all I got tonight.

My dear friend Kelly connected me with another wonderful human today. She is fluent in my love language (swearing) and it was an incredible moment of synchronicity in the midst of all this chaos.

So this one is for all of you who had a *day* that would have been nuts even without the shadow of#Coronavirus hanging over us all. Life keeps coming, fast. New friends can be made. And my kids...well, they'll be all right in the end.

My #resiliency strategy for tonight is to let myself off the hook. I don't have wise words or a beautifully written blog for y'all. All I have is the truth of my messy day and life, and the hope that the mental image of all the chaos made you laugh, too.

So much love and hope and laughter to all of you tonight. I'll be back tomorrow. Be brave, generous and kind.












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