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Organizational Cultural Change

We help.  In real time and in real ways, we help mitigate toxic stress in the workplace, restoring trust and communication within teams and across the organization.

The cumulative stress and trauma of recent years has profoundly disrupted the institutions that underpin our lives, and has eroded many once-vibrant workplaces beyond recognition. 


Executive leaders have faced unprecedented toxic stress personally, professionally, and within their institutions. Organizationally, the cumulative impact manifests as distrust, breakdowns in communication, demoralization, and disconnection, and can ultimately lead to attrition at a time when advanced leadership is most necessary.

And, like individuals, organizations also can suffer the consequences of traumatic stress.


Organizational trauma may be the result of a single devastating event, the compounding effect of multiple events over time, or the cumulative impact that comes from the nature of the work. Regardless of source, organizations that harbor the effects of unhealed trauma may endlessly repeat the cycle – inflicting harm on those who work there, and being harmed in turn by even their most dedicated professionals.


Presenting "symptoms" of organizational trauma may include:

  • Significant employee burnout

  • Disengagement & disconnection

  • Attrition & early retirement

  • Discharge of frustration and anger

  • Diminished professional fulfillment

  • Increased workplace incivility

  • Absenteeism

  • Decreased productivity

Culture Change Supported Every Step of the Way


A sustainable remedy requires insight and a deliberative process for restoration of individual and collective capacity. The process begins with leaders committed to learning the skills necessary to lead beyond the trauma of these times, and build cultures that are restorative, relational, and strengthen both institutions and individuals. 


Participants are expertly guided through the acquisition of advanced skills in trauma-responsive interactions while simultaneously experiencing real-time stress and trauma mitigation.  This results in unparalleled professional growth and insight, and immediately actionable leadership strategies.  

We bring our Senior Faculty to this work 


Lodestar leadership development programs are tailored to organizational needs, are intensive, collaborative, and specifically designed for advanced leadership.  Our Senior Faculty are highly trained and experienced professionals with decades of cross-sector experience. 

We have been there.  We understand.  And there is a path forward.

Sustainable change requires help.
We are physicians, attorneys, clinicians, government and hospital executives.  
We have been there.  We understand.  
And there is a path forward...

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