Kemia Sarraf 

Lodestar CEO

M.D., M.P.H., RCC, TIPC™

Trauma Informed Coaching for Physicians and Professionals

"Everyone is experiencing this pandemic differently, but the baseline emotions are all the same: shock, fear, horror, outrage, disbelief, exhaustion and, ultimately, grief. No one - especially those in the field of medicine - is escaping this unscathed. The pain is universal. We all need some extra tools right now." 


Lodestar Founder and CEO, Dr. Kemia Sarraf, received her Medical Degree and Master of Public Health at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine. She left clinical medicine more than a decade ago to start a public health initiative for children in her community. genHkids focused on working with and teaching children in schools and community organizations to “Eat Real, Move More” through trauma-informed programming in the kitchen, gardens and playgrounds.

As a trauma specialist, executive coach, physician and a physician wife, Kemia became increasingly concerned by the number of colleagues who were reporting high levels of toxic stress and burnout, all of which was leading to a distressing increase in physician dissociation, attrition, self-medication and suicide.


Blending her deep understanding of trauma and the multivariate ways in which it "shows up" with her skills as an executive coach, Dr. Sarraf developed a coaching paradigm specifically for physicians (and other first-responder professions) with a lens tuned to the vicarious or secondary trauma that is a part of daily life for these highly trained, highly skilled professionals. Blending extensive experience with balance, humor and endless empathy, Kemia has helped countless physicians and other professionals (re) discover their professional pride, joy, and internal balance. She is an expert strategist who assists clients in discovering and naming what is essential, and setting a path for their "True North."


Married to a physician who is a part of the frontline in the Coronavirus pandemic, Kemia is attempting to work from home while "teaching" their four sons, providing a public health perspective in several physician groups, blogging in an attempt to help "thread the needle that is public health messaging" and working with her clients across the country. 

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