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Kim Sepich

M.Ed., CAS

Lodestar TIPC™  Fellow

Kim Sepich


Lodestar TIPC™  Fellow

Kim Sepich received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Eureka College, Illinois, and her Master of Curriculum and Instruction and Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) at National-Louis University in Evanston, IL.


As a parent, teacher, administrator, and an Academic Professional in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Illinois Springfield, Kim has always been a leader that strives to understand and support the needs of others, and was respected and beloved by her teachers, students and their parents during her tenure as teacher and administrator.


As an educator, Kim spent decades observing, first-hand, the mounting pressure and ever-increasing demands on educators. As she gained insight into the profound effects early childhood trauma has on health, learning and behavior, and implemented trauma-informed practices to best serve students in the school where she was Principal, she also began to wonder: Am I seeing trauma in my teachers, too? How much of the "burnout" and "exhaustion" we are encountering in education is actually secondary and vicarious trauma?

Almost immediately upon her retirement in 2018, Kim joined the initial cohort in Lodestar’s inaugural Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach training program. Her passion for helping, her skill as a teacher, her willingness to engage in deep and meaningful conversation and her decades of committed service in public education make her particularly well suited to coaching those who need to offload toxic stress and harm brought about by 2020. We were delighted to offer her a position as a Lodestar Fellow as Kim is committed to providing clients the space and gentle good-humor they need to exhale, to choose and experiment with new tools, and to rediscover their humor and resilience.



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