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Coaching Groups

We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them.

-- Albert Einstein

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Lodestar's expertly facilitated, trauma-informed coaching groups are comprised of own-occupation healthcare and education peers (physicians, nurses, APPs, teachers) who do not otherwise know or work together. The value to participating in this type of coaching is multifold:

  • Less expensive

  • Opportunity to connect and share stories

  • Opportunity to co-create understanding and opportunity

  • All the joy and laughter and camaraderie that comes from connecting with others in safe and courageous spaces

  • Connections that may last beyond the group coaching experience

We currently are providing group coaching for: physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, teachers and hospital administrators/executives.

Don't see an open group that meets your needs? Please email us with your interest and profession, and we will put you on a waiting list for upcoming groups.

If your coaching needs are urgent, please consider 1:1 coaching as a bridge to joining a group experience.

Dr. Sarraf hosted a Trauma-Informed Leadership Retreat for Physicians where we explored the topics of trauma and toxic stress and the points of intersection with secondary trauma in physicians and impact of the #MeToo movement. Her presentation was enlightening and deeply meaningful.  Her strong command of the subject coupled with her personable and humanistic approach make her an invaluable teacher and champion of our organization and physicians as a whole.  She not only enhances awareness and understanding of very timely and important topics, but also brings hope and peace to all those she touches. 

Vidhya Prakash, M.D. 

Director AWIMS, SIU School of Medicine