We endeavor to maintain the confidentiality of our individual coaching clients (physicians, executives, and professionals) before, during, and after our relationship with the client ends.  ​

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To help increase the level of confidentiality, we ask that all individual clients:

- Provide a privately owned (i.e. non-work owned) email address on which they are comfortable receiving communication from Lodestar or affiliated coaches;  

- Provide a privately owned (i.e. non-work owned) mobile phone number; and


- Understand that by providing an email address and phone number, the client is agreeing to receive communication from Lodestar or our affiliate coaches using those formats.

Neither our staff nor affiliated coaches will make recordings of coaching or training sessions unless specifically asked to do so by the client.  Recordings are requested most frequently in order to facilitate learning, strategic planning, accountability, or "train the trainer" scenarios.  

Information provided to Lodestar Consulting and Executive Coaching, its employees, agents, or representatives, will be treated with discretion, and we strive to keep the information we receive as confidential to the client.  This courtesy continues even after the termination of your formal relationship with Lodestar.    

Notable exceptions to this confidentiality include those disclosures required under mandated reporting laws or by municipal, state or federal law enforcement.