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Custom Engagements

Our Advantage?  We Have A Deep Bench.  


Custom Engagements

Our highly-sought programs are designed for executive leadership and experienced professionals, and can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs and goals.

- Leadership Intervention + Restoration

- Keynote Speeches

- Meeting Facilitation

- Strategic Planning

- Justice, Equity, Diversity & Equity Training

- Corporate + Government 1:1 and Team Coaching Contracts

- HR Restoration

- Trauma Responsive Leadership and BRAVE Leadership training

- Training the In-House Trainers of our clients.

- Bulk rate 1:1 Professional Coaching (TIPC) for business leadership

Our Clients

Business Meeting

Corporate Leadership + Executives

Performing Surgery

Physicians + Hospital Leadership


Attorneys + Law Firm Management

Government Building

State + Federal Government

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