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Custom Engagements

Our Advantage?  We Have A Deep Bench.  


Custom Engagements

Our highly sought after programs are designed for executive leadership and experienced professionals, and we tailor each session to meet the bespoke needs of each team and organization.

- Leadership Intervention + Restoration

- Attorney + Medical Professional Wellness

- Keynote Speeches                 

- Meeting Facilitation

- Strategic Planning                    

- HR Restoration

- DEI Training

- Team Coaching 

- Trauma Responsive Professional Coaching TIPC

- Trauma Responsive Leadership

- BRAVE Leadership training

- Train the Trainers (In-House Engagement)

- 1:1 Professional Coaching

Justice Scale

Our Clients

Business Meeting

Corporate Leadership + Executives

Performing Surgery

Physicians + Hospital Leadership


Attorneys + Law Firm Management

Government Building

State + Federal Government

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