Why Lodestar? 

In the end, it’s really very simple: we all need a deeper bench. That’s why I founded Lodestar.

Regardless of why or how physicians or other professionals come to Lodestar, the goal is the same: highly-personalized, confidential, compassionate, professional, trauma-informed coaching that moves the client forward in their professional and personal life.


Great coaching begins with the assumption that the client is both creative and competent. Trauma-informed coaching adds a layer of awareness regarding the nuances specific to working with clients who have experienced primary or secondary trauma. It is slower, requires a willingness to dive deep into empathy, and holds greater space for the client as they work through their experience(s) and rebuild capacity. Trauma-Informed Coaching is both transformative and redemptive.

Often, the physicians, surgeons and other professionals who seek coaching are doing very well professionally, but recognize the dangers of working in extremely high-stress environments. They may wish to hone their leadership, management or other skills in order to maximize their professional and personal successes. They may also be looking to gain a professional edge, and recognize that many of the soft skills – grossly overlooked in medical training – are critical to their future success. 

Sometimes, however, highly-accomplished physicians seek coaching because they suddenly find themselves in the midst of professional or personal crisis. There's great discrepancy between the demands being made of them, and the resources they have available to deal with those demands. They’re disenchanted and disconnected, and they rightly recognize it is impacting their professional and personal lives, as well as their delivery of care. Often they're suffering the effects of secondary-trauma, and are seeking tools to reestablish their equilibrium and improve their professional and personal lives. 

Additionally, hospitals and practice groups often refer excellent, high value physicians and surgeons for intensive coaching. These physician-clients may have successful, busy practices, but are struggling in one or more areas of their work and personal lives. Often, they are at risk of damaging or losing their careers, their personal relationships, or both. Replacing high-value physicians is extraordinarily costly and disruptive to both patients and the medical team. Helping these physicians regain their professional standing is of utmost importance. Some days, good coaching looks like a professional ICU...

Few things are as isolating as the belief that you are the only one who thinks and feels - or struggles - the way you do.  And while coaching is not therapy, most clients ultimately find great coaching to be incredibly therapeutic. Lodestar coaches are willing to hold space and enter into the gray zone of uncertainty with you, willing to stay as complex thoughts, emotions and ideas are processed, and willing to hold you accountable in your crazy with humor, compassion and insight.


Dr. Kemia Sarraf  

Contact us at 217.691.4441 or kemia@lodestarpc.com