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Kemia Sarraf 

Lodestar CEO


Trauma Informed Coaching for Physicians and Professionals

Lodestar Founder and CEO, Dr. Kemia Sarraf, received her Medical Degree and Master of Public Health at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine. More than a decade ago she launched genHkids, a successful non-profit public health initiative in Central Illinois. As the founder and president of genHkids, Dr. Sarraf designed numerous evidence-based programs, teaching thousands of children and their grownups to “Eat Real. Move More.” in their schools, communities and homes.

Dr. Sarraf is both a Certified Corporate Coach and SAMHSA Certified Trauma Informed Trainer. As a physician and a physician-wife, she has been alarmed by the rapid acceleration in the number of colleagues who were reporting toxic stress and burnout – what she recognizes as secondary trauma and moral injury – all of which has led to an distressing increase in physician dissociation, attrition, self-medication and suicide. She launched Lodestar in response to a need for skilled, Trauma Informed Physician Coaching aimed primarily at physicians, surgeons and other professionals.

In addition to private coaching for physicians, Dr. Sarraf has developed an in-depth series of Trauma Informed Training programs specifically tailored for physicians and health professionals, educators, social workers, school counselors and law enforcement; groups who are first responders in every community.


These intensive courses include introduction to ACEs, Trauma, Secondary Trauma; learning to recognize the presence of secondary trauma in co-workers; examination of intergenerational “inherited” trauma, and; the intersection between social media, the 24-hour news cycle and retraumatization of vulnerable populations.