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BRAVE Trauma-Responsive Leadership Professional Development

Organizations can also suffer from traumatic stress, frequently arising from the compounding effect of multiple events over time and the cumulative impact that comes from the nature of the work in which professionals engage.  For those Organizations harboring the effects of unhealed toxic stress, the typical outcome is needless repetitions of the stress cycle – inflicting harm on those who work there, and in turn being harmed by even their most dedicated professionals.

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RestoringLeaders & Teams

BRAVE Trauma-Responsive Professional Development Programs are deeply experiential and designed to restore culture and perspective to organizations - helping Leaders move beyond the incredible stress and burnout of these times.


The impact of toxic stress and harm are amplified by chronic distrust often manifest in harmed leaders and leadership teams as:

- Communication breakdown

- Career dissatisfaction

- Burnout and exhaustion

- Compassion fatigue

- Disconnection and disengagement; and

- Uncivil workplace behavior

Typical Clients:  Professionals, Executives, Senior Managers in Government, Public Health, Medicine, Law Firms and Corporate Teams and Law Enforcement.  

Program Basics

We design the program to meet the needs of our client, and typically: 

  • Minimum of 18 and maximum of 72 participants per training

  • Hosted off-site when schedules allow

  • 3-Day in-person, deeply experiential and interactive workshop

  • 12 months of live and online continued development, coaching and facilitation through our Time On The River program.  

  • Taught by and Facilitated by Lodestar Senior Faculty

  • Followed by comprehensive programming for all levels of the organization through our All Of Us program.

This is deeply transformative and personal work - you are not left to move through this alone.  We provide support, coaching, scaffolding every step of the way. 

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The end result?

  • Leadership Teams that are reconnected to each other

  • Shared language and understanding to describe the past few years

  • Practical techniques to weave into daily leadership challenges 

  • Solid and accessible learning that is ingrained in leaders and teams

  • Leadership buy-in to support this work across the organization

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