Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitation

Celebrating Differences

Racism harms -- and eventually kills -- everyone. It just harms some faster than others...

Mitigating Trauma

We can't always predict how and when trauma will show up. Skillfully holding liminal space for strong emotion when it shows up is a foundation in the Lodestar approach.

Facilitating Growth

Masterful facilitators are skilled in holding compassionate empathy -- and unconditional positive regard -- for participants, knowing there is a third way forward, that embodies the best of all of us, rather than the "othering" of opinions and views not widely held.

Forging Allies

Connection allows the bonding, friendship, mutual respect and love to grow. These are the foundation of true Allyship: Willingness to stand close enough to be hit by the rocks, too...

Lodestar Master Facilitators are acutely attentive to and aware of the potential for harm, and are masterful at mitigating trauma when it makes an appearance.

Creating Connections

Training and Deployment of the skills of Deep Listening, Connection, Holding Brave Space, and Creating Safety allows participants the gift of leaning into and embracing each other's truth.

Embracing Both/And

Sustainable change requires an inclusive, Both/And approach that recognizes and holds space for diverse experiences and perspectives.

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