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Coaching Basics Training

Next Session Begins May 8th, 2023 !

Coaching is not therapy. 
And great coaching can be incredibly therapeutic...

Course Objectives


  • Understand the attributes that contribute to being an effective coach.

  • Explore the value of a coaching mindset and how that applies to you and others.

  • Learn to recognize situations where coaching is likely to be effective, and when something different (i.e. managing, consulting, mentoring, etc.) may be needed.

  • Practice and develop key coaching skills while observing professional coaching interactions with real-time feedback.


  • Learn to use coaching skills in commonly encountered scenarios.

  • Learn to use self-coaching as part of personal and professional development.

  • Choose next steps in application and growth of coaching skills.

  • Upon successful completion of the 5-week course, participants may choose to register for mentor-coaching opportunities.


Why This Course?

Lodestar's Coaching Basics course is the result of multiple requests from clients who recognize the value of learning and incorporating coaching skills into their current professional lives.

This thoughtfully constructed program is perfect for anyone wanting to integrate all the benefits of a coaching mindset and skills into their leadership and professional careers. Highly interactive by design, participants will learn and practice the coaching skills, competencies, and ethics outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Dr. Ann Deaton and Antoinette Ayers bring more than six decades of experience in training coaches to the creation and facilitation of this course. Participants can expect to gain insight, skills, and have a lot of fun along the way!


Additional Details:

  • Next course begins January 30th, 2023 

  • Live instruction online via zoom

  • 15 total hours over 5 weeks

  • Maximum 20 participants

  • $1,495

Lodestar also offers:

  • Customized programs for organizations or groups (16-participant minimum requirement)

  • Can be arranged as online or in-person trainings 

  • Please contact us for pricing and availability


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