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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

-- Mahatma Gandhi

Hospital Cafeteria

Healthcare professionals often find intensive, deliberate, communication-intensive, trauma informed coaching to be foundational to rediscovering their purpose, recovering their professional and personal joy, and developing skills to facilitate a healthier workplace, professional and personal relationships.

Lodestar's trademarked coaching paradigm provide the benefits of all great coaching, and more. We are experts in moving with clients through the incredible stress, burnout, trauma and moral injury of these times, and facilitating the movement into choice, opportunity, and post-traumatic growth.

I reached out to Dr. Sarraf in a moment of panic in the middle of the night early in the pandemic. As one of the “frontline” in the first wave, I was exhausted, terrified and full of rage, all of which was clouding my judgement and spilling over into really toxic interactions with the people closest to me. I didn’t want therapy – I knew what was WRONG – I wanted a plan to survive and get out with some part of me still intact. Her writing caught my eye, and her “trauma-mitigation” methods sounded hopeful. 


Early on, I wasn’t a very reliable client – and she was patient with that. I haven’t been a very easy client, and she has “held space” for that in ways I didn’t know was possible. What I am, though, is an intact – more so than before the pandemic began – physician and spouse. I’ve learned and experimented with and practiced skills that have kept me “grounded” (one of her favorite words) when everything is going off the rails. And I’ve taken those same skills into the ER with me day after day and used them with colleagues and patients. 


My job is to save life. Dr. K saved my sanity and my soul. Her methods revived my love for our profession and compassion for my patients. This coaching was everything. 

Emergency Medicine